Mask Apasa Yoruba

2 800 


Mask Apasa Yoruba, wood and mineral polychromy, dry patina.

H: 22,4 in l: 11,8 in

This dance crest mask is commonly called Apasa. It is dedicated to the Oro fetish. Its style is characteristic of Yoruba sculpture from the Egbado region. He takes part in ceremonies dedicated to Oro, a protective fetish of a village prohibited from seeing women. He can also intervene at the end of the nocturnal Gèlèdé ceremonies (cult of Mothers, mystical power of the creative woman and witch) in order to create the patriarchal counterpart to this matriarchal ceremony. We see the representation of the ceremonial “gangan” drum and a rabbit. We also notice the design of a western royal crown, inside each ear. This mask may have been sculpted in order to tell the story of a protocol visit.

Provenance: Former private Corsican collection, former P. Terrier collection (France).

First half of the 20th century.

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