Mask Gelede Yoruba

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Mask Gelede Yoruba Anago, wood and mineral polychromy, dry patina.

H: 14,6 in l: 7,5 in.

This helmet mask danced during day ceremony Gelede, dedicated to cult of Great Mothers and witches so that they bring fertility and social cohesion in the community. Unlike night ceremony (religious theme), day ceremony are “open book” of community’s life. The masks illustrate scenes of daily life, fairy tale and morality. This mask represent maternity scene in front of maybe a washtub. The carving is amazing, we also see the child ‘s head in the back of  the mother. The mask has got a beautiful patina of use.

Origin: ex-french collection. Listed in Guy Van Rijn’s African Archives database under the reference ao-0110343-001.

First half 20th century.

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