Poteau de véranda de palais Yoruba, Nigéria, 19ème siècle«More than quite different African civilization, the ideas and the philosophic, religious and artistic representations of Yoruba transformed, and continue to transform, the faiths, the practices and the arts well beyond the African banks. »

Henry John Drewal

This exhibition invites you to discover this thousand-year-old art through a selection of masks of ritual societies, royal statuary and religious objects. We also present you a selection diversified by our last acquisitions of primitive art for an in parallel artistic putting.




Post of porch of palace Yoruba, Nigeria, 19e siècle, 51,6 in, ex-french collection.


From march 21th till april 11 th 2015


Opening tuesday to saturday
11h – 13h et 14h-19h
or by appointement

Where to visit us

Galerie Agama, 8 rue Bouquières
31000 Toulouse
(near Old historical Hotel de Puivert)
Subway/parking : Carmes or Esquirol

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