This summer, from June 5 to July 13, the Agama gallery is pleased to present the works of two visual artists, whose respective works intersect and respond to each other in a play of matter, color and form. On the one hand, paintings from French artist Christophe Conan’s latest “Metaphysical Portraits” series, and a number of sculptures from his “Living Nature” series. On the other, sculptures by Togolese artist Serge Anoumou, who is exhibiting his “Esprits gardiens” for the first time in France. The exhibition coincides with the “Nouveau Printemps” contemporary art festival, which this year takes over the Carmes / Saint-Etienne district.

Christophe Conan

Born in Guérande in 1966, Christophe Conan has lived and worked in Bordeaux since 2005. He began drawing and painting at an early age. After his studies at the Beaux-Arts d’Aix-en-Provence, and following his existentialist questions, he designed series around his main subject: evolution.

While Christophe Conan strives for coherence in his work, he also expresses paradox and diversity, expressing his skills in a variety of media: triptychs, doors, coasters, display cases, boxes, crates and sculptural montages.

He creates paintings and sculptures using a multitude of materials. His paintings, many of them on wood, are built around assemblages using paint, metal, paper, glass, rubber, resin… His sculptures are no exception to this diversity of materials. His “Living Nature” series, created since 1999, combines metal, resin and glass. In the course of his artistic adventures and the evolution of his thoughts, Christophe Conan develops all kinds of experiments.

For the exhibition at Galerie Agama, Christophe Conan presents his new series, entitled “Portraits métaphysiques”, in which he returns to a construction on canvas, combining collage and oil paint, to create surrealist works describing the interiority of his subjects. Some sculptures from the marine bestiary of “Nature vivante” will also be on show.

Serge Anoumou

Born in 1981 in Lomé, self-taught artist Serge Anoumou draws his inspiration from Togolese artistic traditions and his commitment to preserving the environment and African cultural heritage.

Serge Anoumou is deeply influenced by the central role played by women in Togolese society, particularly in the loincloth trade. The shapes and patterns that characterize his creations emerge from his creative spirit and are inspired by the bright, vibrant colors of the traditional Togolese women’s clothing, who, dressed in loincloths, offer a veritable spectacle and means of cultural expression.

Serge Anoumou’s creations are made from recycled fabrics, assembled, structured and solidified with hoops and resin to give the final shape. The varied textures formed by these strips of fabric offer a tactile and immersive visual experience, which for him evokes the complexity and vitality of animist rituals, capturing mystical energies. As he points out, “the imaginary animals I sculpt represent guardian spirits or protective forces from our Vodoun beliefs, which have transcended the centuries”.

“Esprits gardiens”, the series presented at Galerie Agama, demonstrates a modern, contemporary creativity, while reflecting his attachment to cultural traditions.

With this exhibition, Galerie Agama has chosen to associate two artists from different worlds, who intersect and respond to each other in a play of matter, color and form. The scenographic composition invites the viewer to meditative contemplation and an artistic voyage.

Serge Anoumou and Christophe Conan’s exhibition runs from June 5 to July 13, as part of the “Nouveau Printemps” contemporary art festival, which this year takes over the Carmes / Saint-Etienne district.

Free admission.

Opening on Thursday, June 6, 6-9pm, in the presence of artist Christophe Conan.

Practical info :

Galerie Agama, 8 rue Bouquières 31000 Toulouse

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 11am-1pm and 2.30pm-6.30pm

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