This autumn, Galerie Agama is pleased to welcome Beninese painter Patricorel in residence. Building on his recent international artistic collaborations, Patricorel unveils his new works, which tell the story of contemporary societies in the throes of change – social inequalities, climate emergencies, scenes of daily life – at the “Regards de sociétés” exhibition, from October 12 to 27, 2023 in Toulouse. This is an opportunity for the public to talk with Patricorel, who enhances her committed compositions with the introduction of vivid colors.

Painter and sculptor Aureil Patrick Bessan paints under his pseudonym Patricorel, a contraction of his two first names. After graduating in Art History from the University of Abomey Calavi, he began painting at the age of 22, in his studio in Cotonou. Self-taught, he uses oil paint that he applies to a variety of supports with a “tube pen” marker of his own invention. He combines techniques (marker pen, fingers, scratching) and masters composition on small, medium and large formats. His work is characterized by the staging of white skeletal figures on black backgrounds, accentuated by touches or splashes of color.

International recognition and collaborations

After several exhibitions in West Africa (Benin, Togo) and in France, Patricorel was awarded the first prize in the comic strip competition by the Fondation Zinsou in 2013. A favorite of the Agama gallery, which exhibited his work in Toulouse in April 2022, Patricorel has established himself as a committed and “political” artist on the contemporary art scene: Beaux-arts Magazine devoted a focus to him in March 2022. With his works, Patricorel denounces social issues such as the dictates of social networks, child labor, exodus, racism (…). He also takes a calmer look at daily life in Cotonou – leisure activities, consumerism, relationships between couples – the animist traditions that permeate his country, and some childhood memories.

Patricorel has recently taken part in several exhibitions: at Case Nomade in Porto-Novo (March 2022 and summer 2023), Galerie AF in Lomé (January 2023) and Le Centre in Cotonou (February-May 2023). His work is currently on show at Gallery 1957 in Accra and in London (September and October 2023).

The year 2023 is also marked by a collaboration with Mr. Eazi. This star Nigerian musician asked contemporary artists from the African continent to illustrate the sixteen tracks on his album The Evil Genius, available on October 27, 2023. Patricorel has produced three works of art, which bring to life the tracks Legalize, Orokoro and Good lovin. They will be presented in London at the 1-54 African contemporary art fair, from October 12 to 15, 2023, at the prestigious Somerset House, alongside creations by renowned artists such as Dominique Zinkpé (Cotonou, Benin), Tesprit (Lomé, Togo), Samuel Tete-Katchan (Accra, Ghana), Tammy Sinclair (Abuja, Nigeria), Alpha ODH (Nairobi, Kenya), Chinaza Nkemka (Lagos, Nigeria), Edozie Anedu (Lagos, Nigeria), Elangwe Sesse (Cameroon), Ikechukwu Christian (Lagos, Nigeria), Kufa Makwavarara (Zimbabwe/South Africa) and Sandra Seghir (Dakar, Senegal).

“Regards de sociétés” in Toulouse

Invited by the Agama gallery, Patricorel takes up a three-week artistic residency in France, alongside local artist friends Michèle Rimont and Manu Frigério.

From October 12 to 27, he will unveil his new inspirations with the exhibition “Regards de sociétés”, presented at Galerie Agama and in the adjoining Studio Rita.

Opening/celebration: Friday October 13, 6-9pm, in the presence of the artist.

The works will remain on view after October 27 in the Agama gallery.

Practical info:

Galerie Agama et Studio Rita, 8 rue Bouquières 31000 Toulouse, France

Opening tuesday to saturday, 11h-12h30 et 14h30-18h30

Contact : Guénaël Fassier – +33 6 63 82 31 46 –

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