L'Afrique s'affiche - panneaux publicitaires et objets d'art premier

From febuary 15th to march 2th  2019, Gallery Agama invite you to exhibition « Africa advertising ! ». Discover advertising painting, old and news,  from togolese artists. Advertising for Headdressers, medecine, lawyer, … All this painting are like comics for life of everyday !

Alain and Guénaël Fassier will show too, news pieces from Yoruba culture of Nigeria like archeology, statues, masks… And fetishs from Benin, pieces from Togo, Ivory Coast and  Congo !

Exhibition from tuesday to saturday, 10h/12h and 15h/19h or by appointment.

Gallery Agama, 8 rue Bouquières 31000 Toulouse.

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