Exhibition Ifa plates

On march 13th, we just inaugurated our new tribal art exhibition and closed it next day for reasons we all know. We hope everything is good for you now. We are very happy to see you again this monday june 22th to celebrate summer and art rebirth. You should discover or see again our tribal art exhibition about divination’s plates used by the Yoruba people from Nigeria, to communicate with Ifa deity, link between gods and humans. A selection of terracottas from Izi culture, ritual contenants, will be presented too with last acquires in statues and masks from west africa.

Reopening monday 22th  june at 2 pm , exhibition until july 4th

Opening every day (except sunday) 2pm – 7pm

Gallery Agama, 8 street Bouquières 31 000 Toulouse, subway/parking Carmes or Esquirol

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